Jay Borman

Jay Borman will be on hand to sign copies of his book, LRRP Photos. This is a book about the men who ran recon for the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. These were the LRRP, LRPs, and Rangers and they were the eyes and ears of the infantry divisions. Whether regular army or draftee, ALL were volunteers. They worked in small four to six-man teams deep in enemy territory. From 1965 to 1972, they brought the fight to the enemy and took away their safety in the jungle. The book is a large format photo book with 450 pages. It is hardcover at a size of 11"x14" and includes a slipcover. The book is a hand-numbered limited edition of 500. Within it are almost 1000 photos taken by the men who were there. Most of the photos are previously unpublished. Also featured are brief histories of the units, detailed studies of uniforms and equipment, and spotlights on many veterans. The book paints a picture of their experience through a visual presentation that is as unique as the men who lived it. http://www.lrrpphotos.com/

Jay Borman


Jason Hardy

Jason Hardy will be on hand to sign copies of his book: MAC V SOG VI. Team History of a Clandestine Army (Volume 6) This is the sixth publication in the MAC V SOG series by Jason Hardy. The limited printing of 500 copies are hard cover with a dust jacket and chronologically breaks down the history of Recon Teams: Alabama (CCC), Habu (CCN) and Michigan (CCN). The large format, 400 page book is on heavy archival paper with over a thousand period photographs of Recon Team personnel, mission notes, letters home, and artifacts. Over 20 years of exhaustive research, interviews and photo collecting, combined with award winning art direction, has resulted in this special book series and website. http://www.specialforceshistory.com/



Jason Hardy 



John Langellier

Author John Langellier will be promoting his new book “Fighting for Uncle Sam Buffalo Soldiers in the Frontier Army”. From the American Revolution to the present day, African Americans have stepped forward in their nation’s defense. This book breathes new vitality into a stirring subject, emphasizing the role men who have come to be known as “buffalo soldiers” played in opening the Trans-Mississippi West. This concise overview reveals a cast of characters as big as the land they served. Over 150 images painstakingly gathered nearly a half century from public and private collections enhance the written word as windows to the past. Now, 150 years after Congress authorized blacks to serve in the Regular Army the reader literally can peer into the eyes of formerly enslaved men who bravely bought their freedom on the bloody battlefields of the Civil War, then trekked westward, carried the "Stars and Stripes" to the Caribbean, and pursued Pancho Villa into Mexico with John “Black Jack” Pershing. John P. Langellier received his BA and MA in History from the University of San Diego, and his PhD. from Kansas State University in Military History. He has written dozens of books and scores of articles related to American history.


David Schwind

David Schwind is another special guest author who will be attending to present his new book “Blue Seas, Red Stars, Soviet Military Medals to U.S. Sea Service Recipients in World War II”. At the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Union decorated 217 men of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine who had performed “heroic acts” during convoy and anti-submarine duties in the Atlantic. For the last decade, David Schwind has made it his mission to identify and track down every remaining medal and capture the stories of these brave men. This book is the culmination of that quest. Based on extensive archival research and in-person interviews with over 100 recipients or their families, Schwind takes the reader on a photographic and biographical odyssey exploring the lives of each recipient, illuminated by over 600 never before published photographs of exceptionally rare Soviet and American medals, photographs, and related documents still in the possession of the veterans and their families today. Schwind spent 13 years as a U.S. Navy officer, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander and serving in Japan, Maryland, and Virginia. Prior to joining the Navy, he worked in Russia for the RIA News Agency and for the Moscow Department of Education. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Regents College, SUNY, and holds master’s degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School and Naval War College.


Fort MacArthur Museum

Fort MacArthur will once again be our guest and will display vehicles and museum info. The Fort MacArthur Museum is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Fort MacArthur, a U.S. Army post which guarded the Los Angeles harbor from 1914 to 1974. The Museum was established in 1985, and it is housed in the corridors and galleries of historic Battery Osgood-Farley. The Fort MacArthur Reservations hold an important collection of historical structures which were part of the U.S. Army's role in the defense of the American continental coastline from invasion. These structures clearly trace the development of American coastal defenses, from the all big gun era of the turn of the century to the missile era of today.

The rooms, galleries and corridors of the Museum contain a variety of exhibits and displays which include: the history of Los Angeles harbor defenses, home-front activities in the greater Los Angeles area during the World Wars, Civil Defense, American Pacific Theater military campaigns, early American Air Defenses and the important role of Los Angeles as a military port for both the Army and the Navy.



Fort Mac



442nd RCT Tim Kano

We welcome Tim Kano and his 442nd RCT re-enactor group. The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was an infantry regiment in the United States Army comprised of Americans of Japanese ancestry. The 442nd fought in Italy and France during World War II against the German Army of Hitler's Third Reich. The 442nd earned a reputation for being a crack infantry unit and the regiment and its men received considerable battle honors and individual medals of valor.



442 RCT



2nd Division Sendai Japanese Army

This re-enactor group represents one of the Imperial Japanese Army's most elite divisions (formed on May 14, 1888 with all members raised from the Miyagi Prefecture in Northern Honshu). This quality re-enactment group represents the 3rd Platoon, 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Regiment, 2nd Division, Imperial Japanese Army. The 2nd Division Sendai is composed of members from California, Arizona and across the West Coast who are among the first living historians West of the Mississippi dedicated to portraying the Japanese soldier of World War II. This group strives to have the most accurate impressions so they can portray and interpret how the Japanese infantryman lived and fought throughout the Pacific War. This group is dedicated to preserving and educating others about the history of World War II.


Jeff Shrader - Advance Guard Militaria

Jeff Shrader will be at our May event as one of our many outstanding dealers - offering top notch militaria collectibles. Jeff Shrader Developed “Advance Guard Militaria”, a business that stands today as a favorite source for militaria collectors around the world. In addition to working with private collectors, AGM is a well-known and trusted name in the museum community, and has secured several significant museum de-accession contracts. Mr. Shrader's international network often brings items to the collector market that are seldom seen outside of museums. As referrals continue to help that network expand and new customers are added daily, Advance Guard Militaria promises to remain an important resource for buyers, sellers, and students of military antiques.



Jeff Shrader



Combat Cash - Bob Chatt & Owen Thornton

Meet militaria experts; Owen Thornton and Bob Chatt, co-hosts from Discovery Channel’s TV show “Combat Cash” Whether its antiques, storage belongings, sports memorabilia or items being sold at a pawn shop, it seems like there is a reality show for everything these days. And thanks to Discovery Channel, you can now add military collectibles to the list. Combat Cash follows Bob Chatt and Owen Thornton as they use their knowledge, experience and money to pursue rare military artifacts. Also referred to as militaria, these items include tanks, GI Joe figures, World War II flame throwers, Saddam Hussein propaganda banners and Vietnam war-era helicopters. As much as Thornton and Chatt enjoy what they do, don’t be fooled into thinking this is just something they do for fun in their spare time. Because there is such a high demand for the obscure artifacts they track down, they have been able to turn the hobbies of others into a money-making business for themselves. The unique aspect to Combat Cash appears not to just be the artifacts the two men find — which is pretty cool in itself — but the bond they form with the military enthusiasts they are hired by and encounter. It’s one thing to find a piece of history from WWII, but there’s something special about attending a D-Day event or hanging out with soldiers that can literally put the reality in the overused term reality TV.



Combat Cash



Ron Burkey - Flying Tiger Antiques

Ron Burkey of The Flying Tiger Antiques, out of New Hampshire, has been dealing in the highest quality Historical Antiques and Collectibles for over 15 years. Ron specializes in insignia, badges, and esoterica relating to Militaria, Police, Fire, Airline, Railroad, Ocean Liner, and Automobilia, with a strong offering in Aviation insignia. Offering a large stock of WW2 insignia, uniforms, and ephemera; with items from the Civil War to the Desert Wars, both US and foreign…looks like whatever you collect, Ron probably has access to it!



 Flying Tiger Antiques


Article in Military Trader from our May, 2015 show:












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If collecting militaria excites you, then your missing out on a ot of action unless you attend one of Vintage Productions' shows in Southern California....
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May 2003: Vintage Productions offers largest militaria shows in the West
ANTIQUE & Collectables: P. 34
If collecting militaria excites you, then your missing out on a ot of action unless you attend one of Vintage Productions' shows in Southern California....