The following are some of the EXTRA activities taking place at our Nov 19-20, 2010 Event

We are very excited to welcome Eastern Costume as a dealer at our Nov 19-20 show. This well known Hollywood costume company has been fortunate enough to purchase a large number of the uniforms and gear used in the filming of the HBO miniseries “The Pacific”. Eastern Costume will be offering hundreds of quality uniforms that were made and used specifically, and solely, for “The Pacific”. Available for sale to the public will be a variety of U.S. HBT, camouflage, service and dress uniforms (Japanese uniforms are not available this time around). Remember, these items were USED in the filming of the mini series, so they are offered in a variety of grades from clean, slightly used, to well used and battle damaged. For the most part, they will be sold as complete uniform sets. Note that some extra parts and head gear may be available as well (inventory subject to change without notice). Do not miss this unique opportunity to own a high quality uniform AND very cool movie costume from HBO’s “The Pacific” – only at The West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show!
One of our longtime dealers, Bruce Herman of Grenadier Military Antiques will be on hand at our November show so that he can offer buyers a special collection he has recently acquired. This collection consists of Third Reich Military and Political items that were collected between the 1960s through 1980s. When the collector died in the 80s it was left untouched in his collection room by his wife, and there it sat until Bruce purchased it.

The collection consists of Third Reich headgear, uniforms, daggers, swords, medals, badges, insignia, equipment, toys, flags, and many other items. There is so much, that Grenadier Military Antiques will be set up in TWO booths at the upcoming show to offer many of these items for sale.

Above are photos of some of the headgear in this collection. As the photos show, the hats are as they were stored, thick with dust and completely untouched for several decades. These two photos were taken as Bruce was unboxing the items just as he got them home. This is a must see for those collectors interested in Third Reich Military - really top notch items!

Unique and Rare - A Very Special Display

AUTHOR SIGNING: Compass Chronicles

Mike Rush, world renowned authority on the history of Vietnam UDT/SEAL, has never before displayed his collection for the general public...until now! We are sure you will agree this is a rare opportunity to be able to view a small, but very impactful, portion of Mike's impressive collection at our Nov 19-20 event. These superb items are normally reserved for display only at private SEAL Team reunion really can't miss checking this out!

Kornelia’s new book explores the history of pocket type compasses from military, engineer corps U.S.A, surveying, maritime, and scouting. Great for collectors and enthusiasts.

This intriguing book explores a wide range of fascinating pocket compass types. Examples shown date from the late 1700s to the 1940s, with a focus on the mid-1800s and early 1900s. Hundreds of compasses are discussed with 507 colorful illustrations and detailed descriptions in this hard cover coffee table format book. The history of their development is explored, military and civilian groups are presented, and patented improvements are featured. The variety of craftsmanship quality, style, and value can help to identify origin and make collecting enjoyable and rewarding.

A signed version of the standard edition book will be available on FRIDAY ONLY at the Nov. show.

150 hand bound, black leather, hard cover books were produced of the first edition. The front cover displays a beautifully detailed, embossed, silver-metallic compass rose, the title and the author's name. The spine has an elegant old style design and a small, silver-metallic compass rose. Each copy is signed and numbered 1 through 150. ($20 USD from the price of the limited edition book will be sent to a charity of the buyer choice.) |

The Fort MacArthur Museum will once again display a variety of historical military vehicles at our May event – they always bring out something unique and exciting! This museum is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Fort MacArthur, a U.S. Army post which guarded the Los Angeles harbor from 1914 to 1974. The Museum was established in 1985, and it is housed in the corridors and galleries of historic Battery Osgood-Farley. The Fort MacArthur Reservations hold an important collection of historical structures which were part of the U.S. Army's role in the defense of the American continental coastline from invasion. These structures clearly trace the development of American coastal defenses, from the all big gun era of the turn of the century to the missile era of today.